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Gemini G42 Observatory+

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Manufacturer: Gemini Telescope Design (GTD)
Capacity : approximately 40 kg, depending on tube length
Weight : 22 kg (without cw. shaft)
Power : 2A@12V or preferably 3A@24V (the values represent the recommended power supply rating, not the actual consumption)
Wide range of polar elevation adjustment (0 – 70 degree latitude)
Adjustable, stick-free slip clutches
Removable counterweight shaft (30.5mm counterweight bore required)
Slewing speed: max 7deg/sec  (with Pulsar and 24V only)
Stepper motors: 200 step, 1Nm, 1,32 Ohm-2A/phase  in both axes
Single cable connection from mount to driver
PE of ± 5 arcseconds (without P.E.C.) , cca 2” total with P EC (Pulsar only)
Worm rotation period 200 sec
Elevation screw pitch/turn: 2mm, cca 78’/turn
Azimuth screw pitch/turn: 1,25mm, radius: 60mm, cca 72’/turn
Mounting OTAs: (A) tube rings attached using the existing platform holes (304mm spacing), (B) tube rings or other hardware attached to the optional universal adapter plate (you provide fixing holes), (C) optional Losmandy (3”size) adapter fixed to the mount platform.

A precision drive system comprising ground steel worms, large 217 mm brass (RA) and anodised aluminium (DEC) gear and microstepped stepper motors are standard.

The worms are hardened ground steel (18mm diameter), lapped in RA. Only high grade aluminium alloys, brass and stainless steel are used for the machined parts.

The RA and DEC heads are NC machined from an oversized solid block. 2x2pc tapered roller bearing s hold the axes.

Gemini G42 Observatory+

Gemini G42 Observatory+

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